How to get 360-degree visibility and increased cyber-resilience

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Organizations are under increasing pressure to improve their cyber resilience but are facing challenges due to lack of skilled resources and too many tools to handle. Integrating endpoint, network and cloud security into a single platform, provides 360 degrees visibility and autonomous threat response across modern enterprise environments.

Through the integration of Endpoint and Network-based security, Bitdefender helps increase organization’s resilience against advanced threats, while reducing the number of security incidents security teams need to investigate with automated threat response. It also extends the threat detection capabilities to endpoints that do not support agent-based security, like IoT and BOYD.

Join Bogdan Carlescu on a 45 minutes session on cyber resilience, covering:

  • Prevention, Detection and Response capabilities
  • How to combine Endpoint and Network threat detection
  • Incident investigation across the environment
  • Autonomous, integrated threat response

Bogdan Carlescu-331410-editedSPEAKER:

Bogdan Carlescu

Cybersecurity Professional and Sr. Product Marketing Manager