A Security Unicorn?
Low Overhead Endpoint Detection and Response Designed For Any Security Team

On-demand Webinar


Endpoint detection and response solutions have literally changed the game for many security teams who have struggled with complex threats. But the complex nature of today’s EDR tools have left out most organizations who don’t have the skills and resources to utilize these tools.

What if a solution could increase your security posture, improve threat visibility and actually reduce your burden? Unlike the unicorn, it does exist!

In this session you will learn how Bitdefender has coupled the world’s most effective protection with the lowest overhead EDR to enable any enterprise to lower their security incident overhead while blocking more threats.

You will also learn how protection layers such as device hardeningmachine learning and advanced memory protection are able to fill in the gaps in most products and significantly improve overall protection.


Mr. Daniel Wolff - EPP Product Marketing Director portraitSPEAKER:

Dan Wolff

Director of Product Marketing, Endpoint Security