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Threats have advanced.
Your MSP security should too.


Bitdefender - proven superior protection, most complete MSP layered security

Bitdefender is the #1 option for MSPs looking to strengthen protection against crypto, fileless, and other advanced attacks. Bitdefender AV/AM simply catches more of the bad guys protecting your customers and reputation and consistently proving the top effectiveness in independent tests.

But even the leading AV/AM is not enough against evolving threats. With Bitdefender you also get the most complete set of included and optional security layers in one single solution. This helps you secure even highly-sensitive customers against APTs and targeted attacks and opens up new avenues for revenue growth with extra security services.

Cut man-hours off addressing incidents or dealing with wrongly blocked applications and poor reporting! Close security gaps and gain end-to-end visibility and control by embracing enterprise-grade MSP security that is easy to use and consistently ranks first not just for protection, but also for the lightest footprint and lowest number of false positives.


“Bitdefender was the one catching more of the bad guys, providing better protection. Bitdefender also had the best reporting and the best console.”

- Brian Luckey, National Manager, Managed Services, All Covered


Bitdefender MSP Security vs. other AV/AM and EPP solutions




AV solutions

EPP Solutions

Proven leading protection & performance


 Only in sporadic tests

Easy to manage and light footprint

Anti-exploit, Content Control, Device Control

 Not included or with extra cost

 With extra cost

One console, comprehensive add-on security layers

 Limited Security layers

 Multiple consoles

Value and margins

 Average cost, leading protection

 Low cost, low protection

 High cost, average protection


Business Security Test 2018 (August – November)”, AV-Comparatives

Bitdefender competitive chart AV comparatives


The ultimate MSP Security Suite


  • Consistently #1 in independent tests – Bitdefender consistently ranks first for detecting more threats with the smallest number of false alerts.
  • Content, device control, anti-exploit with no extra cost – Control access to harmful websites, define access policies for USBs or other devices and stop unknown exploits.
  • APT protection, compliance, and new revenues – Add-on products provide opportunities for adding new services and improving prevention, detection, investigation, and response
  • Smallest resource impact – Bitdefender consistently demonstrates not just peak protection in independent tests but also the smallest impact on system resources
  • Most complete security and unified management – Reduce hassles with a single solution for AV/AM, EPP, Encryption, Patching, VS/VDI security, Advanced Threat Protection, EDR
  • Simple web console and RMM/API automation – The enterprise-grade console, RMM integrations and powerful API help MSPs drastically reduce security efforts

Find out why MSPs are upgrading to Bitdefender and how you can boost protection and reduce tickets and man-hours spent on security!

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