Antispam Software Development Kit

A Technology Breakdown

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The Bitdefender Antispam SDK (software development kit) scans partner-provided email messages and flags the content recognized as spam. For messages detected as spam, the SDK offers additional information, which can be used by the partner application to change the detection threshold. For better visibility, our SDK can also add specific headers into the email message, indicating spam status.

Antispam SDK (Software Development Kit) Overview:

  • Full cloud email security solution via our RTDA (Real Time Data Analysis) antispam service
  • Wide range of independent filters for a complete inspection of the scanned email (blacklists and content filtering technologies)
  • Our cloud databases are updated every second and detection is replicated around the world in a couple of seconds
  • Very quick reaction when dealing with FPs/FNs (false positives/false negatives)
  • No need for signature updates, as all detection is completed in the cloud
  • Small footprint - information is extracted from the email and queried to the cloud - one query for all incorporated cloud filters
  • The spam detection technologies are not language-dependent
  • Proprietary technologies – patented algorithms and detection methods
  • Enables security vendors, telecom companies and email service providers to secure the email flow against email threats