The Rise Of APT as a Service

On-demand webinar


A Bitdefender investigation into APT Hackers for hire and real estate-linked cyberespionage


Are APT mercenary groups now expanding beyond state-sponsored attacks, into industrial espionage? Traditionally known for delivering highly targeted government-sponsored attacks or targeting organizations for direct financial gain, APT mercenary groups have recently been observed offering their services for industrial espionage by targeting verticals not previously associated with APT-style attacks.

Attend this session to learn the intricate details that Bitdefender’s investigation revealed into such an attack, which targeted a company that deals with high-profile billion-dollar contracts in the real-estate industry.

Join Global Cybersecurity Researcher Liviu Arsene and Senior Manager Andra Cazacu as they reveal:

  • How the APT mercenary group attempted to exfiltrate data, to potentially provide unfair advantage in high profile transactions or contracts.
  • How powerful spying tools and a zero-day Autodesk 3ds Max plugin vulnerability were used to break into the organization, seeking to exfiltrate sensitive data that could potentially be used in negotiations.
  • Whether modern EPP or EDR controls can withstand sophisticated attacks of this magnitude.


Andra Cazacu

Sr. Mgr, Integrated Solutions & Analyst Relations




Liviu Arsene

Global Cybersecurity Researcher