Are Cheap Webcams Voiding Expensive Cybersecurity?

On-Demand Webinar


Primitive: Medical Devices, IOT & IIOT devices (webcams and more) are growing rapidly. In some networks, they make up 20% of the devices—and could exceed 50% by 2021.

Cybercriminals have noticed and are leveraging these seldom-protected devices.

Join Bitdefender Advanced Solutions VP, Mike Gable, as he discusses the growing threat and a solution to detect issues with these devices BEFORE they nullify your Cybersecurity measures.

  • Learn about the growing number of devices that must be included in today’s security plans: Medical Systems, IOT and IIOT devices, Rogue or “Shadow-IT” Systems, Smart Phones
  • Find out how attackers use these devices today and what you can do to protect your environment
  • Learn the pros and cons of network isolation (risky devices on their own VLAN, for example)
  • Discover how Bitdefender addresses this issue today—and in the future


mark gableMike Gable

Advanced Solutions VP