Bitdefender and Xen Project Announce New Open-Source Project

On-demand Webinar




Bitdefender has worked with the open-source community, including Xen Project and KVM Project, to extend Virtual Machine Introspection (VMI) capabilities. This has allowed interesting use-cases, such as introspection of the kernel- and user-mode memory of running virtual machines, known commercially as Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection (HVI).

In conjunction with Xen Project, Bitdefender will reveal a new sub-project with newly open-sourced code which will help advance this area of development and can act as a powerful threat sensor to enhance threat detail in your own projects.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How VMI has been leveraged, to date, for memory introspection
  • How introspection is achieved, including technical details
  • The next major contribution to the open-source community by Bitdefender, including a new sub-project of Xen Project






Mihai Dontu

Team Lead, Open Source and Linux




Shaun Donaldson

Strategic Alliances