The 'New Normal' in Cybersecurity

2020 - Business Threat Landscape Report

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Did you know that 40% of emails on the Coronavirus topic observed in 2020 are fraud, phishing or malware?


The phrase “new normal” has grown to denote the major impact the overnight transition to working from home and the rapid spread of the pandemic have had on all aspects of our lives. How do you plan to navigate security for your remote employees and what should you look out for in terms of cyberthreats in 2021?


Bitdefender releases its yearly business cybersecurity threat landscape analysis earlier in 2020, in an effort to give organizations a head-start to planning their cybersecurity strategy for 2021.

Read this paper to:

  • Acquire key knowledge to adapt your security strategies when stepping into 2021
  • Learn how ransomware, phishing, vulnerabilities and IoT attacks have evolved in 2020
  • Discover what triggered the unexpected rise of APT-as-a-Service and other significant evolutions in targeted attacks
  • Understand the top MITRE techniques observed in attacks during 2020 and why this is relevant