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Centralizing security and virtualization performance prompts Thisted Municipality to choose Bitdefender

Thisted Municipality is a Danish municipality in the Region of Nordjylland. The Centre for IT and Digitization needed a security solution that would ensure the protection of all municipal employees regardless of location.

“Finding a new product is always a balance between price, quality and safety. We chose Bitdefender GravityZone because it best matched our total requirements” said Arne Mikkelsen, Section Manager Operations and Security, Thisted Municipality.

Thisted Municipality is using today Bitdefender GravityZone for their entire IT infrastructure; the solution is fully implemented throughout the municipality’s virtualized platform, which is a VMware-based virtual server environment, and a physical network of local PCs and servers.


The proof-of-concept convinced Mr. Mikkelsen about how the centralized management would help his team...

  • have greater control over multiple systems
  • deliver better performance across the IT environment





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