Cyber Risk Management

The risk of data breach is big, and it’s getting bigger.

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Businesses are becoming more and more dependent on IT systems and data is taking center stage as the most valuable commodity. Meanwhile, the Identity Theft Resource Center announced that in 2017, the world saw more data breaches than in any other year, compromising more than 174 million records. That’s a 45% increase in the number of breaches that were seen in 2016 and the trend is expected to continue in 2018.

The magnitude of cyber threats is well recognized by business decision makers, and 65% of executives viewed cyber risk as one of the top 5 risks affecting businesses today (Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey,  Marsh, February 2018).


Learn more about what organizations should do to ensure cyber risks are kept at bay and their digital assets are well protected against attacks.

Information includes:

  • What the top breaches of recent years were and cost impact
  • How General Data Protection Regulation makes a global impact
  • How to address cyber risk management in a GDPR-consistent manner
  • What are the software application vulnerabilities – key vectors of cyber attacks
  • How to employ the Bitdefender Patch Management Module to manage cyber risk exposure