Cyber Threats in a Time of Pandemic

On-demand Webinar


The Cyber Threats in a Time of Pandemic webinar takes a look at some of the most important threats businesses and consumers have been facing since the beginning of the pandemic. We are revealing what Bitdefender telemetry and research has shown in terms of malware spread during this time and how  threats were designed to exploit fear and misinformation in order to trick victims into clicking, downloading, and executing malware.

Smart home devices (IoTs) also played a large role - many threats directly targeted home routers, Android devices, and even a wide number of improperly secured IoT devices that were exploited by cyber-criminals in order to be amassed into a Denial of Service (DoS)-distributing botnet.

Watch this webinar to find out about:

  • What the malware landscape looked like since the beginning of the pandemic
  • Who was affected the most by the new IoT-based threats
  • Security strategies available to end users and network operators
  • Solutions for ISPs



Liviu Arsene

Global Cybersecurity Researcher




Sebastian Ungureanu

Product Marketing Manager