Bitdefender Router Protection

Protecting Modern Routers on Auto-Pilot


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Most home routers are vulnerable, as they often become nodes in botnet armies that launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. This translates into increased costs for operators, due to increased customer support load and high bandwidth consumption during attacks.

Additionally, personal data and financial credentials get stolen as a result of attacks that start on the router. In this troubled environment, Internet Service Providers are increasingly looking to offer home security solutions to fill the gap and keep subscribers safe.

Bitdefender Router Protection is the right solution to protect home routers from complex cyber attacks. Because all incoming and outgoing network traffic inside the smart home goes through the router, it makes it the ideal candidate to fortify subscribers’ households. Find out how our solution protects routers against attacks from any direction.

Download this data sheet to find out:

  • How many existing routers are vulnerable and to which types of attacks
  • How ISPs’ technical challenges translate into poor customer experience for subscribers
  • What the benefits of implementing a router security solution are
  • Why you don’t need to recall or install new equipment to deploy better security right now