Decoding the MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluations

On-demand Webinar


An interactive discussion on how the MITRE ATT&CK framework can help you make smart choices to improve your cyber resilience and fight off APTs.

For many years notorious cybercriminal groups have compromised organizations using highly sophisticated malware and techniques: Carbanak has generated more than $300 million in damages so far, for hundreds of banks while FIN7 has exfiltrated more than 15 million credit card records worldwide.

Therefore, this year, MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® EVALUATIONS tested 29 security solutions on their ability to detect the techniques and tactics of Carbanak and FIN7 by emulating the real behavior of these sophisticated attacks.

Since MITRE evaluations do not provide any competitive rankings, multiple potential interpretations make it difficult to navigate the results. Decoding the results will help you understand their relevance for your business context, risk profile and cyber-security needs.

Join our 45- minutes discussion with our Director for CyberThreat Intelligence Lab to learn how to make the most of the MITRE ATT&CK evaluations, how to strengthen your security posture against APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) and how to use the results to improve your organization’s cyber resilience.

Key takeaways:

  • What is the MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® EVALUATIONS
  • How to read the results and what is their relevance in your business context
  • How to use this evaluation in your decisions on cybersecurity
  • Bitdefender’s results & recommended approach to APT (Advanced Persistent Threats)

Who is this webinar for?

Cybersecurity practitioners, IT admins, cybersecurity decision-makers, and anyone looking for more in-depth knowledge about the MITRE ATT&CK framework, including those with limited security expertise.





Dragos Gavrilut


Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab


Bogdan carlescu


Bogdan Carlescu

Cybersecurity Professional

& Product Marketing Director