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Requirements for Next-Gen EPPs:
The Complete Report


With today’s cloud-first strategies further expanding network perimeters, an adaptive, layered endpoint protection platform (EPP) is the key to defending your endpoints against threats.

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) believes that history is in the process of repeating itself, as advanced prevention, detection, and response controls are being aggregated to create a new generation of EPP suites. Suites that are more efficient and effective in crushing threats, known and unknown.

This free report from ESG will tell you:

  • Why an adaptive, layered solution is absolutely essential
  • What requirements to consider when evaluating next-gen EPP offerings
  • Why securing endpoints is imperative to fully securing your data
  • How to ensure your security balances effectiveness, manageability, and performance

 Learn how a next-gen EPP can crush advanced threats by reducing the attack surface and employing a multi-faceted approach to threat prevention.