The Emerging Era of Configuration Risk Analysis

Closing the Gap with an Expanded Endpoint Protection Platform

[An ESG Research Report]


Endpoints are critical to any organization. Any disruption to these systems impact business operations. When these systems are misconfigured by users or admins, they become vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can affect wholesale system function. For example, WannaCry could have easily been avoided if basic secure configurations had been in place. *

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) believes that in order to stay ahead of evolving threats in today’s world, risk assessment and remediation capabilities need to be fully integrated within the broader endpoint protection platform.

This free report from ESG will tell you:

  • What are the most common challenges endpoint protection platform face in today’s threat landscape
  • Why and how organizations need to assess security risk
  • How adding risk analytics-enabled hardening to a modern endpoint protection platform closes a critical gap for security teams

Learn how organizations can reduce the attack surface to manageable levels so that SecOps teams can spend this time more strategically—on risk profiling and proactive risk mitigation of endpoint assets.

* Source: CSO Article, "What is WannaCry ransomwarehow does it infect, and who was responsible?", Aug 2018.