Forrester Managed Detection
and Response Landscape,
Q1 2023

Bitdefender Named Notable MDR Vendor

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Security and risk professionals should use this report to understand the value they can expect from MDR, learn how providers differ and select one based on size and market focus.” 


Don’t let the MDR market overwhelm you – the new MDR Landscape Report from Forrester breaks down core and extended  use cases that you can aim to address with a managed detection and response (MDR) solution.   

By identifying 15 capabilities that are most essential for both the core and extended business scenarios for MDR, Forrester maps relevant business requirements like detection, response, EDR agent support, MITRE ATT&CK mapping, threat modeling/threat profiles, and more to help guide you as you consider and evaluate MDR providers. Bitdefender MDR is recognized as one of 38 notable MDR providers included in the report, with Forrester citing “Analytics” capabilities as a top business scenario for which customers select Bitdefender. 

Access the full report to read Forrester’s analysis of MDR’s market dynamics and evolution, the business values and core capabilities of MDR, as well as Notable MDR Providers by geography, industry and offering type.