Datacenter Revolution and Security

A resource portal by Bitdefender and Gartner for Infrastructure and Operations leaders envisioning a future-proof secure datacenter

Digital transformation, cloud-based business models, and strategic requirements for speed and agility are causing a tectonic shift in enterprise businesses. As a result, the role of IT is changing to provide services that facilitate key business initiatives.

To succeed, IT must reinvent itself to handle big data, embrace the cloud, and expediently roll out applications and services. The datacenter, a pillar of IT modernization, is evolving to give IT the agile, flexible, and efficient infrastructure it needs to support business.

Gartner and Bitdefender teamed up to create a reference source for Infrastructure and Operations leaders to help them generate a future-proof datacenter strategy and roadmap, while ensuring effective security at every step of its implementation.

Visit the joint portal to access the following:

  • Gartner report “Strategic Roadmap for Data Center Infrastructure” analyzing fundamental trends, gaps and dependencies and defining datacenter modernization strategies to achieve the desired future state
  • Bitdefender videos, webinars, and whitepapers on how to safeguard the evolving datacenter—while promoting its agility, efficiency and performance—in a changing threat landscape


Access the Resource Portal