Growing consumer ARPUs: where should telcos place their bets?

On-Demand Webinar


In a saturated consumer market, deciding where to invest to maximize ARPU is critical. As standard services like triple and quad-play offer less opportunity, telcos face the challenge of identifying which emerging services can significantly enhance their revenue streams and customer value. In this context, telcos must identify services, like cybersecurity, that leverage convenience for the consumer.

In this session, STL Partners share insights from a comprehensive research study, including a conjoint analysis survey of c.2,000 US and EU consumers, pinpointing where telcos should be investing to enhance consumer value and grow ARPU. We deep-dive into consumer sentiment on high-growth domains such as cybersecurity, cloud gaming, and other digital services, to assess their quantified value potential as bundled, add-on and combined services.

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Darius Singh

Director, Consulting

STL Partners


Tom Quinn


STL Partners


Razvan Todor

VP, Product Management B2B2C