Strong Security for the Hyperconverged Datacenter

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Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is changing the way enterprises design and manage datacenters. A foundation for innovative private- and hybrid-cloud-based business models, HCI facilitates infrastructure agility, manageability and cost containment.

The explosive adoption of HCI across industries and workloads has compelled industry analyst Gartner to designate it as the fastest-growing datacenter infrastructure category, forecasting it will reach $5 billion by 2020. Security fit for HCI must deliver effective protection without curbing the benefits of better ROI, performance and scalability HCI delivers.

Learn more about HCI and pertinent security requirements from the Bitdefender whitepaper “Strong Security for the Hyperconverged Datacenter”.


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White Paper: Delivering Strong Security in a
Hyperconverged Data Center Environment

Learn more about just what the hyperconvegence trend is and why traditional security
architectures simply can’t provide the protection needed.