How can telcos drive
new consumer revenues?

On-demand Webinar


Consumers are not only increasingly living their lives online but are also surrounded by smart home technology, expanding the attack surface for malicious actors. These threats are even more prominent as a result of shifting consumer attitudes towards hybrid working and a heightened awareness of data privacy; which is demanding sophisticated cybersecurity protection.​

In a market with a high volume of free cybersecurity services and a number of consumer safety players offering premium digital life protections, how can telcos carve out an opportunity in the consumer market?

In this webinar, we discuss:​

  • How consumer trends are driving new opportunities for telcos​
  • A deep-dive into telco’s current consumer portfolios and commercial models​
  • How can telcos create a mass-market cybersecurity service to drive consumer revenue

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Darius Singh

Director, Consulting

STL Partners


Tom Quinn


STL Partners


Razvan Todor

VP, Product Management B2B2C