How to build a solid security strategy in the times of ransomware

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How come we are still talking about ransomware?

In our latest report, Bitdefender business telemetry related to traditional threats, such as ransomware, has revealed that they still pose a threat to organizations.

Verizon also highlights ransomware as the 3rd data breach culprit in their 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report, doubling last year’s frequency. This is because threat actors continue to innovate both their technology and their criminal modus operandi at an accelerating pace, engaging in data theft so they may threaten targets with extortion over the release of sensitive private data.

Together with Dr. Andy Black, CIO, A-Core Concrete Specialists, Inc a highly experienced manager and leader with over 30 years' experience in IT operations, infrastructure, support, leadership and management, and 20 years' experience in higher education, teaching and administration we’ll have an insightful talk about:

  • Today’s threat landscape and where ransomware fits in
  • Steps to take to reduce your attack surface
  • Applying real-life best practices to address ransomware
  • The importance of multiple layered defenses in today’s cyberspace.

 Speakers :


Dr. Andy Black

Chief Information Officer

A-Core Concrete Specialists, Inc


Oana Acostăchioaiei

Lead Product Marketing Manager