How to Defend Your Network from the Web Cesspool with Secure, Isolated, Browsers

On-demand Webinar



Learn how an architecture including application virtualization and hypervisor-based security combine to create a virtual air gap between end-users web resources, while maintaining the desired web experience.

In other words, isolate end-user systems from the dangers of the web without isolating end-users from the web.

It's no mystery that the web is a dangerous place. The habits of workers, third-parties and administrators accessing web resources, internal or external, often have frightening results. Drive-by downloads, watering hole attacks, legitimate sites with rogue content - the list of threats is as endless as the web.

You will learn about:

  • Tools and techniques attackers use to subvert defenses
  • Isolating web browsers from end-user systems with virtualization
  • The importance of securing isolated browsers, and how do to it


florin-lazurka-photoFlorin Lazurca

Senior Architect


shaun-photoShaun Donaldson

Director of Alliance Marketing