How to increase the
cyber-resilience of your business

On-demand Webinar


With a stronger dependency on digital assets and services, the organizations around the world are increasingly concerned about the disruptions caused by cyber-threats to their business operations. The ability to withstand cyber-attacks and continue operating in adverse circumstances has a stronger than ever relation to bottom-line business results.

During the webinar, Bogdan Carlescu, Cybersecurity Professional at Bitdefender and Cristina Vatamanu, Sr. Team Lead, cover four key topics that you need to know about cyber-resilience in 2021:

  • Why cyber-resilience is not the same as cybersecurity
  • Why is resilience important for your organization
  • How to build cyber-resilience: industry frameworks and practical approaches
  • How to evaluate the robustness of your security architecture.


Bogdan carlescu

Bogdan Carlescu

Cybersecurity Professional



Cristina Vatamanu

Sr. Team Lead, Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab