Human Risk Analytics
The evolution of Bitdefender GravityZone

LIVE Webinar: Tuesday, July 7, 3:00 PM GMT


Starting July 7th, Bitdefender extends GravityZone with the capability to analyze user actions in order to identify those behaviors that pose a security risk to the organization.

The Human Risk Analyticsthe new @Human GravityZone component - enhances the current risk analytics engine and enables a comprehensive view of the real security posture.

Join us for a session to learn all about how the new features evolve GravityZone into a platform that is fully capable of looking after the entire enterprise cyber space. It enables you to understand the risk exposure and to stop the advanced threats that might affect them at any level: endpoint, network, cloud, and now, also humans.

The agenda will cover all the key elements of GravityZone July release:

  • The new @Human – Understand the risks associated with user actions with the new Human Risk Analytics module
  • The new EDR on-premises – Enable the EDR capabilities for your on-premises GravityZone deployment
  • The new Ransomware Mitigation module – Stay one step ahead of ransomware by automatically backed-up and restore the targeted files
  • The new Storage add-on (for cloud) – Add long term for EDR raw data storage: 30, 90 or 180 days




Bogdan Carlescu

Senior Product Marketing Manager




Razvan Cobzaru

Senior Product Manager