Predictions 2023: The future of criminal ecosystem, weaponization of AI, and phishing 2.0

On-Demand Webinar


It is a fact that cybersecurity evolves. In this 60-minute session, we’ll jump into a retrospective and forward-looking discussion covering a range of subjects, from the next evolutionary stages of the Ransomware business to malicious AI taking over the world (probably not, but who knows!)

We’ll also include insights drawn from Bitdefender’s annual Cybersecurity Posture Report; we hope to get your input into the trends you’re seeing and learn what is important to you in 2023 – ending with a live Q&A.

We hope you’ll register and join us to kick off 2023.


Speakers :


Shaun Donaldson



Martin_New IMG_600





Shaun Donaldson

Technical Solutions Associate Director


Martin Zugec

Technical Solutions Director


Richard de la Torre

Technical Product Marketing Manager