Preventing advanced ransomware and data breaches reliably

On-demand Webinar


Advanced ransomware attacks like the one that recently hit top service provider Cognizant are increasingly able to evade detection by standard AV or endpoint security solutions.

While top analysts agree that next-gen and EDR technologies are becoming essential, many of the products available only increase the workload and costs with little real enhancements in detection.

Join us to learn how attackers bypass endpoint security and how you can implement security that is highly effective against these attacks with minimal manual efforts and costs.

In this session we’ll cover:

  • Why new layers of security are needed today to protect even smaller companies
  • The top real-world independent security tests and why they are the best indicators of protection effectiveness
  • The key advanced Bitdefender technologies and how they make a difference for MSPs


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Cristian Iordache

Senior Product Marketing Manager