Ransomware Report 2017

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Cybersecurity Insiders, in partnership with the 370,000+ member Information Security Community on LinkedIn, commissioned Crowd Research Partners to conduct an indepth study to gather insights, reveal the latest ransomware trends, and provide valuable guidance on effectively addressing the ransomware threat.

The resulting 2017 Ransomware Report is the most comprehensive research to date, revealing how corporate IT and security professionals are dealing with the evolving ransomware threat and how organizations are preparing to better protect their critical data and IT infrastructure.

Key Survey Findings

  • Ransomware is the fastest growing security threat, perceived as a moderate or extreme threat by 80% of cybersecurity professionals.
  • 75% of organizations affected by ransomware experienced up to five attacks in the last 12 months alone, 25% experienced 6 or more attacks.
  • 79% predict ransomware to become a larger threat over the next 12 months. Only a small fraction of respondents say they would pay the ransom or negotiate with the attackers.
  • 59% of organizations are either not confident at all or only slightly to moderately confident in their ransomware defense.
  • Email and web use represent the most common ransomware infection vectors with employees opening malicious email attachments (73%), responding to a phishing email (54%) or visiting a compromised website (28%).
  • The information most at risk from ransomware attacks is financial data (62%) followed by customer information (61%).

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