Removing security constraints on cloud and data center efficiency

On-demand Webinar


How far could you optimize your infrastructure performance just by changing the way you are securing workloads?

Conventional security tools limit performance, operational and cost efficiencies in private data centers and public cloud while also failing to meet specific protection requirements for such environments.

Engineered for VMs and cloud, cloud workload security tools help to remove these constraints and optimize performance by addressing common issues such as: high security resource consumption and infrastructure costs, protection and visibility gaps, or the lack of automation and integration.

Join our webinar session to see the top ways in which inadequate security impacts efficiency and how modern workload security platforms alleviate these problems.

In this session we will cover:

  • Specific protection requirements for modern infrastructures
  • The ways in which conventional security hurts performance and cost efficiencies
  • How cloud workload security solves the main performance and operational inefficiencies
  • Bitdefender demo – efficient prevention and detection across data center and public clouds


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Cristian Iordache

Principal Product Marketing Manager




Yasser Fuentes

Solutions Architect