The Software-Defined Datacenter, Digital Transformation and Security

A joint webinar by VMware® and Bitdefender®

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Software-defined datacenter (SDDC) and cloud technologies form the foundations of IT agility and digital transformation. SDDC has become the de-facto standard for flexible hybrid-cloud infrastructure and the enabler of new cloud-inclusive business models.

But how does SDDC address security, a frequent agenda item at today’s board meetings? With microsegmentation and other hardening mechanisms,  SDDC delivers a secure hybrid cloud. It is up to the organizations using SDDC, however, to safeguard workloads running in it.


Watch this webinar by VMware and Bitdefender to achieve the following:

  • Understand how VMware leads the SDDC evolution to enable a truly integrated hybrid cloud, empower digital workspaces and transform security
  • Learn how Bitdefender protects SDDC workloads, complementing the inherently secure VMware hybrid cloud
  • View the demonstration of the joint solution in action



  • Jeremiah Cornelius, Security Solutions Architect, Alliances, VMware
  • Shaun Donaldson, Director of Strategic Alliances, Bitdefender