Security at A Tipping Point.

Should You Still Go It Alone?

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Security is changing.

Are you prepared for what’s next? MDR helps you keep pace with the dynamic threatscape.

Cybersecurity gets tougher and more challenging each year. Attacks are more frequent, targeted and sophisticated, resulting in increases of successful intrusions with devastating consequences.

  1. Have we finally reached a tipping point where most businesses should no longer go it alone in providing for their own cyber-defense?
  2. Could organizations achieve better overall security outcomes by partnering with an MDR service provider with top tools, triage processes and a professional security team already scaled out?
  3. Can MDR provide cost savings and efficiency gains by freeing internal security teams to refocus on strategic business initiatives like accelerating cloud migration and expanding mobility?


  • Security at A Tipping Point
  • Shifting the Balance in Your Favor
  • MDR as Leverage for Modern Security Operations
  • What to Look for In an MDR Service Provider
  • Bitdefender Managed Detection and Response
  • Getting Started with MDR
  • Q&A



Michael Rosen

Product Marketing Manager

MDR Services



Mia Thompson

Senior Product Marketing Manager

MDR Services