Stop The Cyber Super-Villain

On-demand Webinar


Cyber Super-Villains can steal any information from any computer anywhere. The best cybersecurity solutions and practices will not stop them.

If your organization’s data interests them, you will be (or have been) targeted.

Join Mike Gable, Bitdefender’s V.P. of Advanced Solutions, for an eye-opening examination of these super-criminals and their methods. He will also discuss a proven weapon that turns the tables against them immediately.

Topics covered:

  • Cyber Super-Villains—experts at bypassing or avoiding all Cybersecurity solutions—are real
  • They can steal any information from any system anywhere or sabotage any online device
  • Their methods have been known for years, but they could only be detected indirectly, making effective responses a low-probability
  • Bitdefender developed the only direct detection method – and it stops Cyber Super-Villains before they inflict damage or steal your information



mark gable

Mike Gable

Cybersecurity Leadership Professional and Vice President at Bitdefender