Strengthen Cyber Resilience and Reduce Customer Risk

Download Ebook: Bitdefender Email Security Guide for MSPs

Email is at the forefront of strengthening cyber resilience.

Does your MSP portfolio include email security to combat modern attacks?


The threat landscape has changed drastically in terms of attack surface, threats and challenges. MSPs struggle to keep up with attacks as cybercriminals work diligently to capitalize on less secure remote work environments.

Email is notorious as the #1 attack vector and continues to be a vulnerability due to the human element - 96% of data breaches are a result of phishing and pretexting. You can help reduce risk for your customers with stronger end-to-end unified security.

This eBook covers:

  • The current email threat landscape and modern threats
  • Steps MSPs can take to help reduce customer risk and grow revenue with end-to-end unified security
  • Email security as part of your MSP security portfolio

Increase your customers’ cyber resilience. Download the eBook: Bitdefender Email Security Guide for MSPs