The 'New Normal' State of Cybersecurity

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Have cyberthreats changed significantly in 2020? What cybersecurity news have you missed while working your way through the sudden shift to work from home?


Listen to guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Chris Sherman, lead author of the prestigious ‘The Forrester WaveTM for Endpoint Security Suites, Q3 2019’ and Bitdefender Global Cybersecurity Researcher Liviu Arsene as they carry out a live overview of the 2020 threat landscape, including new data released exclusively during this session.


  • What new risk factors and threats have appeared with work from home
  • How ransomware, phishing and IoT risks have evolved during the pandemic
  • Why APT as-a-Service and cyberwarfare have become a threat to organizations
  • Why MITRE should be regarded as the new normal in APT mapping
  • How the buyer’s security challenges have evolved and how this impacted security priorities
  • How endpoint security is expected to evolve in the next 5 years


Looking to read a more detailed analysis of the evolution of threats in 2020? Bitdefender has released its business threat landscape report earlier this year, to enable you to plan ahead your cybersecurity strategy for 2021. Read the full report here.


 Speakers :


Liviu Arsene

Global Cybersecurity Researcher



Chris Sherman

Senior Analyst



* Liviu Arsene is Bitdefender’s global cybersecurity researcher and the author of Bitdefender’s annual threat landscape report. For the past 10 years, he has worked closely on analyzing global trends and developments in cybersecurity, focusing on advanced persistent threats and security incidents and assessing their impact in critical public and private business infrastructures.

*  Chris Sherman is a senior Forrester analyst serving Security & Risk (S&R) Professionals. His research focuses on helping S&R pros make strategic decisions regarding endpoint security and data privacy. Recently, Chris researched the impact of pandemic on S&R in reports such as ‘Technology Best Practices To Protect Your Homeworkers' Endpoints’ and ‘The Top Trends Shaping Endpoint Security Suites In 2020’.