Top 10 Myths and Misconceptions
about Ransomware

On-Demand Webinar


2021 was “the year of ransomware”. But so were 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 – and so far 2022 is not very different. Ransomware is no longer a problem discussed only in the cybersecurity and tech communities – it is now a regular topic in mainstream media headlines and executive board meetings. 

 So why is ransomware such a menace, and why can we not seem to get rid of it? One of the reasons is that we seem to miss the continued evolution of ransomware - we keep preparing for the last war. Ransomware in 2022 is very different than ransomware in 2017, yet we still treat it the same way. 

Watch this webinar to learn about: 

  • Ransomware evolution and what we need to un-learn to effectively combat it
  • The most common myths, misunderstandings, and misconceptions about ransomware and the threat actors behind it
  • The most effective tips to become more cyber resilient and prevent security incidents from turning into catastrophic breaches

Speaker :

Martin Zugec

Technical Solutions Director