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Unleash the power of your infrastructure

Enhance your datacenter security and performance

Switch to Bitdefender!

  • Unrivaled security efficacy
  • Easier to deploy and manage in all environments
  • Better infrastructure utilization and fastest performance

Resolve the security vs. performance dilemma with Bitdefender

Reclaim your datacenter resources, improve your security posture

  • Protect your datacenter resources with proven efficacy
  • Achieve 20.6% more virtualization resource utilization*
  • Enhance the performance and utilization of your datacenter infrastructure with GravityZone's lean and efficient security architecture

*As compared to Trend Micro Deep Security

(Source: Bitdefender White Paper - The Impact of Virtualization Security on Your VDI Environment)

"The fact that you don't need to trade good protection for speed in the protected systes was impressively demonstrated by Bitdefender's Endpoint Security solution in our annual year-long tests." 

- Guide Habicht, CEO AV-TEST GmbH

Bitdefender Next-Gen Security Test Session
Bitdefender Next-Gen Security Dashboard

Simplified and Flexible Management

  • Integrated management console - manage security across physical, virtual and mobile devices
  • Intuitive user interface for on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployments
  • Easy to deploy and manage, no need for additional software components or licenses
  • Seamless deployment; no need to reboot your hosts during deployment

"What led us to Bitdefender was the ease in which we could deploy. Not only did we stop having to reboot virtual machines, more importantly, we did not have to reboot hosts. This allowed us to deploy the solution without disrupting our customers’ work environment."

- Mentor Graphics

Boost Datacenter Security and Efficiency while Lowering Total Cost of Ownership

  • Purpose-built for virtualization and the cloud, minimizes impact of security on infrastructure resoures
  • 20.6% higher virtualization density, helps contain infrastructure costs
  • Intuitive centralized manageability and security automation reduce operating expenses

For us, the key to passing the test would be the product’s performance in our virtualized environment, how much the product would or wouldn’t interfere with users’ productivity and the responsiveness of the professional services team. The decision to proceed with GravityZone was also due to the easy and fast deployment, and how unobtrusive the product is for our end-users.

– IT Manager, A western Denmark municipality

Unrivaled support for heterogeneous environments and carrier-grade scalability

Bitdefender GravityZone provides uncompromised protection for virtual, physical, cloud and mobile environments using a single console, while:

  • Trend Micro recommends DeepSecurity® for large and Worry-Free Security® solutions for small and medium deployments
  • Trend Micro Worry-Free® lacks protection against advanced exploit techniques


“Bitdefender offers a strong solution with all-encompassing machine learning solutions. The technology is smart, nimble, and adaptive. No other company offers anything that comes close to Bitdefender.”

- Jeff Kater, Director of IT, Kansas Development Finance Authority

What Have You Got to Lose?

GravityZone inspires confidence in city government security

“We haven’t had any infections. We haven’t had any breaches. Any viruses were defeated instantly. We were completely unaffected by worldwide ransomware attacks or Google docs phishing." Senior Security Analyst

Kansas public finance corporation keeps out ransomware with ease

“Bitdefender offers a strong solution with all-encompassing machine learning solutions. The technology is smart, nimble and adaptive. No other company offers anything that comes close to Bitdefender.” Jeff Kater, Kansas Development Finance Authority’s Director of IT and Systems Architect

Vehicle reseller puts the brakes on cyber-threats to protect their business

“When it comes to overall value, Bitdefender GravityZone is hand over fist better than anything else out there for endpoint security.” Head of Information Security and Risk Management

Innovate to Stay Ahead of All Threats

Bitdefender continues to invest in artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Patented machine learning technologies - more than 75K distinct models, 
    each trained on trillions of samples to detect specific threats
  • Largest security delivery infrastructure in the world-global network 
    of 500 million machines performing 11 billion security queries daily
  • Bitdefender anticipates, detects and acts to neutralize threats in real time, 
    anywhere in the world
Product innovation and Threat Research centered in Silicon Valley and the European Union