Securing VMware® Cloud on AWS Workloads with GravityZone®

Bitdefender Webinar


VMware Cloud on AWS complements the on-premises VMware infrastructure to deliver a fully integrated hybrid cloud, allowing IT to accelerate deployments while maintaining operational consistency and maximizing existing datacenter investments.

Watch this webinar to learn the following:
  • Trends and drivers of cloud adoption
  • The significance of VMware Cloud on AWS for IT agility, efficiency, and flexibility
  • Features and benefits of GravityZone security for VMware Cloud on AWS as shown in real-life demonstration
  • Andrei Florescu, Group Product Manager, Datacenter and Cloud Security
  • Michael Weinstein, Director, Product Marketing, Datacenter and Cloud Security

A VMware Elite partner, Bitdefender has validated its VMware-Ready server- and VDI-workload security solution, GravityZone, to fully support VMware Cloud on AWS. With GravityZone, VMware customers get award-winning security efficacy, streamlined manageability and maximum infrastructure performance across their entire hybrid datacenter.

See Bitdefender in Action

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