2018 Mid-year Cybersecurity Review

Bitdefender Webinar


From the rise of cryptojacking to complying with the latest GDPR regulations, 2018 brings a new wave of security challenges to companies. This webinar shares key insights from Bitdefender senior security researchers on how the security landscape has evolved, as well as recommendations on how to build a strong security strategy from our senior product team.

Tune into this session to learn:
  • The most notorious data breaches in 2018 and what can we learn from them
  • Top cyber-threats to look for in 2018, including the evolution of ransomware and the emergence of cryptojacking
  • How to adjust your cloud security strategy as some advanced cyber threats refocus to workloads
  • Top trends to look for in enterprise security solutions
  • Recommendations on devising an adequate security strategy in 2018
  • Liviu Arsene, Global Cybersecurity Analyst, Bitdefender
  • Bogdan Carlescu, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Bitdefender