2023 Exploring the Evolving Role
of MSPs in Cybersecurity

On-Demand Webinar


We are thrilled to extend an invitation to a special webinar where we dive deep into the insights from a groundbreaking report commissioned by Bitdefender and executed by Canalys, the global technology market analyst leader.

Topics to be covered:

  • The surging threat landscape: understanding the 110% YoY increase in ransomware attacks.
  • The booming ransomware market: a look at its staggering worth of over US$500 million annually.
  • Evolution in cybersecurity demands: moving beyond basic administration to a comprehensive range of services.
  • MSPs in the spotlight: why many excel in protection but face challenges in detection and response.
  • The importance of partnerships: making the case for MSPs to align with the right cybersecurity vendors in this demanding environment.






Madalina Fainisi
Product Marketing Manager
Matthew Ball,
Chief Analyst