Are you ready for NIS2?

On-Demand Webinar


Do you have the right cybersecurity compliance technology?

The right cyber solution helps companies effectively monitor and enforce compliance measures, detect vulnerabilities, and respond promptly to security incidents. 

NIS2 is a new cybersecurity directive that aims to establish baseline incident reporting, cybersecurity risk management, and supply chain risk management for companies in and operating with the EU. It also imposes heavy fines for non-compliance. 
Watch the webinar and learn:  

  • What is the NIS2 Directive
  • What are the possible penalties and the entities it applies to
  • 10 steps organizations should take for NIS2 compliance
  • All-Hazards approach measures and how Managed Detection & Response (MDR) can help. 


tiberiu alexandru balan

Tiberiu Alexandru Balan

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Andreea Barsu

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