IDC & Bitdefender - What Is Cryptocurrency Mining, and How Does It Impact My Datacenter?

On-Demand Webinar


Not even labeled as a threat in mid-2017, illicit cryptocurrency mining—or cryptojacking—had turned by early 2018 into the single biggest cyberthreat of the moment.

Today, cryptojacking is one of the fastest spreading cyberthreats, already outranking ransomware’s exposure by a factor of 1 to 100 according to Bitdefender’s intelligence, and recently displaying targeted behavior, particularly towards the datacenter.

Tune into this webinar by IDC and Bitdefender to learn:

  • What is cryptojacking, and why is it an attractive weapon for cyber-attackers?
  • Why cryptojacking might favor the datacenter, and what we can learn from the first cloud attacks
  • The different ways in which a datacenter can suffer from a cryptojacking breach, and how to tell if you are the target of a cryptojacking attack
  • What levels of security are necessary for a business to remain protected from these attacks


  • Alexei Proskura, Principal Consultant, IDC
  • Liviu Arsene, Sr. Global Cyber Security Analyst, Bitdefender