Exclusive Researcher Insights:
New Methods for Extending Local Breaches
in Google Workspace

On-Demand Webinar


During the development of our XDR sensor for Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform, we uncovered previously unknown attack methods for escalating a compromise from a single endpoint to a network-wide breach, potentially leading to ransomware attacks or data exfiltration.

Starting from a single compromised machine, threat actors could progress in several ways: they could move to other cloned machines with GCPW installed, gain access to the cloud platform with custom permissions, or decrypt locally stored passwords to continue their attack beyond the Google ecosystem.

We will be joined by the security researcher who originally discovered these novel attack pathways to discuss:

  • Exploring New Attack Methods: Gain technical insights into these methods and the threat they pose to your organization's security.
  • Mitigating Security Risks: Learn how GravityZone XDR addresses these new attack methods, bridging security gaps that fall outside other vendors' threat models.
  • Technical Best Practices: Discover strategies to implement defense-in-depth and how to protect your organization's data.

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Radu Tudorica


Martin Zugec
Technical Solutions Director
Radu Tudorica
Security Researcher