GandCrab is targeting MSPs.
Are you sure you’re protected?



MSPs are becoming prime targets for sophisticated threat actors. According to recent news, attackers are targeting MSPs to reach more victims and GandCrab ransomware is the latest weapon of choice.

When GandCrab started spiking on the threat map, Bitdefender released the first free decryptor to help victims take their digital lives back. Since then, Bitdefender, the only security vendor partnered with law enforcement and providing free GandCrab decryptors, has already helped more than 20,000 victims and saved more than $18 million in ransom payments.

Protect your business and your subscribers. Learn more about this destructive ransomware and what can be done to protect those not impacted while helping those who are already victims.


If you need to decrypt versions 1, 4 and up through 5.1, you can find the new tool here.


In this session you will learn:

• What GandCrab attacks look like
• How to limit potential damage to your business
• Best security practices to protect your business and clients
• What’s next for the MSP threat landscape





Liviu Arsene

Senior Cybersecurity Analyst