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Get to the bottom of stealthy attacks with Sandbox Analyzer

On-demand Webinar


Cyber-attacks on organizations continue to become more sophisticated where the name of game is to go undetected for as long as possible. Security layers need to work together to fight modern attacks on your organization. Tools like sandboxes play a critical role in helping security analysts dissect the behavior of suspicious files without the risk of system compromise.


Join Bogdan Carlescu, Cybersecurity Professional and Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Bitdefender, for a 30 minutes session to learn why Sandbox Analyzers are a key element to an effective cybersecurity architecture.


Agenda will cover:

  • Current threat landscape
  • What makes a sandbox a great sandbox
  • How a security analyst can use the Sandbox Analyzer
  • The new Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer on-Premises


Bogdan Carlescu

Cybersecurity Professional and Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Bitdefender