How to reduce security incident investigation and resolution time

On-demand webinar


How many of the alerts generated by your security solutions remain unchecked by security analysts? Cybersecurity talent is a scarce resource and hiring a Security Analyst today is a daunting task. The SOC teams are hammered between limited resources and never-ending lists of security alerts. The analysts don’t have enough time to assess every alert and determine the priorities for further investigation.


Key Learnings:

•  Why Network Traffic Analytics is an essential tool for security incident investigation
• How combining of soft indicators that are normally easily missed can improve detection of advanced attacks
•  Smart triage of security alerts (IntelliTriage) reduces noise and to presents a clear story that security analysts can easily read and understand
•  How to use recommended remediation actions to close security incidents faster



Bogdan Carlescu,

Cybersecurity Professional and Sr. Product Marketing Manager