Rethinking MSP cybersecurity for high effectiveness and profitability

On-demand Webinar


Driven by organizations’ need for more effective cybersecurity, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are transforming their portfolio to reduce risks for customers, differentiate, and generate new revenue streams.

Finding the best route to reach this goal is no easy task in a world of dozens of practices and technology solutions from thousands of vendors.

In this webinar session, Aaron Sherrill, Sr. Analyst at 451 Research and Cristian Iordache, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Bitdefender will discuss about how advanced threats are reshaping MSPs service portfolios and how a few key principles can guide MSPs and help them to go beyond AV or Antimalware and to grow their security capabilities and offering.

Join the webinar session delivered by 451 Research and Bitdefender to learn:

  • What are the major cybersecurity opportunities and risks for MSPs
  • How advanced threats will shape managed security offerings
  • What are the key guiding principles for effective and efficient prevention, detection, and response
  • How advanced security layers in MSP-dedicated solutions work together to stop threats



Cristian Iordache

Senior Product Marketing Manager, MSP Security, Bitdefender


Aaron Sherrill

Senior Analyst, 451 Research