The 2019 evolving threat landscape and how it affects your organization

On-demand Webinar


From ransomware waves and threats targeting everything from healthcare to critical infrastructures, 2019 has been filled with news about an increasing number of data breaches and vulnerabilities. Looking beyond the media hype, what should organizations look out for in terms of threats and vulnerabilities targeting them?

Join Liviu Arsene, Global Cybersecurity Researcher at Bitdefender for a live webinar around 2019’s threat landscape and learn:

  • The evolution of cyber-attacks targeting businesses during 2019 to date
  • What to expect in the remaining months
  • How current and future threats could impact you and your business
  • Which are the most reliable cyber-defenses

Gain a chance to address live questions to one of our cybersecurity experts, as well as acquire some insights on what to expect next.


Liviu Arsene

Global Cybersecurity Researcher