Threat Intelligence-Driven Security Operations

On-Demand Webinar


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Threat intelligence can be a powerful tool to fine tune SOC’s efficiency and effectiveness in defending against cyber threats.

Organizations face a significant challenge of handling internal raw data from various sources. However, relying solely on internal data prevents them from gaining a comprehensive understanding of the external threat landscape, which could potentially pose risks to the organization. 

Join this session to learn how to make the most out of threat intelligence and productively apply it to all the key functions in the SOC – protection, detection, and response.

Our speakers will walk you through:

  • What companies do to reduce the gap between cyber resilience and business impact
  • How to predict and prevent thanks to reliable threat intelligence sources
  • How to enhance your SOC detection and response with accurate, relevant and timely threat intelligence




luca-pierrro-ferrari Andrei Florescu




Luca Pierro
Head of Cybersecurity
Andrei Florescu
SVP of Products and Deputy General Manager
Gavin Rawson
Global Director of Sales Engineering