What is the darknet and
why should I care?

On-demand webinar


A lot of urban legends surround the so-called DarkNet.


Join this presentation led by Bitdefender Chief Security Strategist Catalin Cosoi to go beyond the FUD created around the black market and learn:

  • What the underground ecosystem actually is, how it operates and why it was created
  • What made DarkNet the perfect breeding ground for illegal activities and what areas to avoid when browsing it
  • How international law enforcement agencies and security vendors collaborate to take down illegal marketplaces

Catalin Cosoi leads the Bitdefender forensic and investigation teams that helped take down Hansa, the third-largest dark web market, in collaboration with Europol and the FBI, and the US department of Justice in 2016.

*This presentation requires very basic technical knowledge and can be attended by both infosec decision makers and practitioners.

 Speaker :


Catalin Cosoi

Chief Security Strategist