The Impact of Virtualization Security on Your VDI Environment


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This paper outlines how the impact of endpoint security on virtualizedenvironments is directly related to the achievable consolidation ratios (the number of virtual machines that can be run on each physical host).

If every VDI instance is running a full antimalware agent, rather than being centralized and deduplicating into a single agent on a dedicated virtual appliance, there will be a measurable performance impact that immediately puts the viability of VDI projects in jeopardy.

While outlining problems encountered in VDI deployments that are the result of using traditional antimalware products, this paper also presents:

  • Compelling test results achieved using the industry standard Login VSI performance testing solution
  • How switching to a virtualization-specific antimalware solution allows organizations to drastically increase consolidation ratios, thereby increasing their return on virtualization spending.