Hybrid Architectures and Software-Defined Datacenters Drive New Requirements for Security

Complimentary Whitepaper



The evolution of IT architecture, with the software-defined and cloud technologies at its heart, is fundamental to business transformation. It allows organizations to capitalize on scalable, flexible infrastructure and rapidly roll out new applications, products, and services.

At the same time, datacenter modernization introduces security challenges that many solutions struggle to address. Read this IDC whitepaper, sponsored by Bitdefender, to learn the following:

  • The market size and growth rates for transformative datacenter technologies including software-defined compute, storage, networking, hyperconverged infrastructure, and hybrid cloud
  • Problems that organizations dealing with a mix of legacy and modern infrastructure in physical, virtualized, and cloud environments need to address as they strive to achieve business goals while reducing costs
  • New security requirements of the expanding and diversifying datacenter, why legacy security cannot meet them without impacting the efficiency and performance of modernizing infrastructure, and how a properly architected, scalable security solution can effectively address them.